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According to ENERGY STAR, most American homes lack sufficient insulation. The insulation may have settled away from areas like duct registers, attic hatches, and plumbing vent stacks, leaving living spaces vulnerable to air leaks and drafts; it may have lost its insulating power due to age or water damage; or a quality product may never have been properly installed in the first place. P.E.HVAC can fix all of these issues. We’ll send a skilled HVAC professional to your property to assess your attic insulation and determine how much additional insulation needs to be added to give you the proper R-value and maximize your home’s energy efficiency.

Benefits of Proper Insulation

Here in southern California, we are a zone 3 area for insulation. This means the recommended R-value (a measure of heat’s ability to travel through insulation) of insulation products for our area is R30 to R60 for installation of all new attic insulation and R25 to R38 for adding a new layer on top of existing insulation. Once we get your R-values up in this recommended range, you can expect to see the following benefits:

  • Less heat lost from the building in winter
  • Less heat penetrating the building in summer
  • Lower energy bills
  • Less strain on HVAC equipment
  • Reduced noise intrusion
  • Improved humidity control
  • Fewer dust-laden drafts and better indoor air quality

Adding new insulation to your home or business is an easy way to reap big savings on your energy bills. P.E.HVAC professionals can come evaluate your existing insulation and let you know if it needs upgrading. You can save money on heating and cooling with the right insulation.

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